ATLAS EPD is born from the concept that performance at the highest level is a comprehensive experience that is best achieved through dedicated training and collaborative support. This experience is one that requires thousands of hours of preparation, conditioning, discipline, and productive resources. Atlas EPD is about more than just athletics and training. We believe in a world of collaboration and innovation among like-minded individuals and organizations.

We created the Atlas Performance Profile to garner the most information about a person's ability and capacity to maximize the performances that dictate their lives. Performance in this context extends to include more than just athletes.  Coaches, educators, corporate executives, medical professionals, law enforcement, emergency responders & military professionals, etc.

In direct collaboration with the Founder/Owner of Emerge Health and Wellness Dr. Meghan Tunson - Clinical Psychologist and Neurological Assessment Specialist ATLAS EPD has developed a comprehensive system of assessing, measuring, and tracking a performer's tendencies and deficiencies regarding their capacity to perform at the highest level. The Atlas Performance Profile analyzes:


Neurological Function (How YOUR brain operates)

Visual, auditory, executive functioning (memory, focus, planning), fine motor, processing speed


Biomechanic Function (How YOUR body exists in space)

Biometric, kinesthetic, structural integrity, injury predisposition, movement analysis 


Performance Function (How YOU engage these processes in your performances) 

Regulation of one's experiences and actions throughout all varieties of performance states. Motivation, mental toughness, adherence, internal dialogue, performance efficacy.


From our Profile we construct a multi-disciplinary report that outlines strengths/deficiencies, provides feedback to those within your support team, and gives recommendations about how to amplify strengths, improve weaknesses, and streamline performance.