It has been said that the brain is the most powerful muscle in the body. ATLAS agrees with that notion to an extent, and sees the mind as the most capable muscle in the body, IF it is deliberately trained. ATLAS provides wide-ranging, dynamic Mental Performance Training that can be applied to every athlete, coach, parent, and organizing body. Using an approach based on many of the traditional principles of sport psychology, ATLAS is equipped to provide services for individuals, teams, parent & support groups, and professional conferences. Below is a sample of some of the types of mental skills Atlas EPD develops and performance topics that are addressed:        


Performance Routines     True Confidence     Performance Visualization     Goal Setting     Energy Management

Dealing with Distractions     Frustration Tolerance for Performance     “Captaincy”     Performance Communication

Mental “Rehab” from Injury     Attention Control     Positive Thinking     Burnout Prevention     Media Performance

Transition out of Sport/Retirement


Team building     Performance Cohesion     Setting Group Goals    Conflict Management   Leadership Development

Communicating the Playbook     Mastering Pressure Situations     Leadership Transitions     Defining Roles



Performance Motivation     Recruiting the Right Player    Making the Most of Tourneys/Travel Time

Positive Performance Coaching     Developing Captains     Coaching other Coaches

Impacting Your Athletes as People     Understanding Skill Acquistion    Talent Assessment/Identification



Positive Performance Parenting       Understanding the Signs of Burnout     Early Specialization

Coping with Injuries, Rehab, and Athlete Identity     Managing Defeat and Perfectionism

Is My Athlete Experimenting with Performance-Enhancers?     Being a Part of the Performance Process

Selecting the right league, team, college, and/or coach

Combating Disordered Eating


ATLAS aims to cultivate the mental skills that facilitate elite training and competition, and promote the development of the entire person in and out of sport. Mental Performance Training brings the most out of each athlete’s process, and is the essence ATLAS Elite Performance Development.  


MENTAL PERFORMANCE TRAINING - Click here to sign up!

Individual - $125/hr (min. 4 sessions) (20% discount for repeat clients, children > 15 years old)

Groups - $150/hr (teambuilding, and consulting sessions)

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.

— Aristotle