Curtis's approach to strength and conditioning is dynamic, up to date, and accessible to everybody from the high performance competitor to the lifestyle athlete motivated to consistently train at an elite level. Since every athlete has a different set of athletic needs, based on the sport/activity in which they participate; Curtis custom designs training programs based around three basic functions of high performance human movement:

  •     Strength: Raw maximum functional strength, dynamic strength development, dynamic stability, fatigue resistant power. 

  •     Movement: Maximally-efficient movement through space, sprint technique, balance, multi-planar vitality.   

  •     Sustainability: Injury resistance development, corrective exercise and mobility training, sport-specific periodization. 


Types of training include:


1:1 Performance Training Click here to sign up!


$475 - 5 Sessions (5% discount)

$900 - 10 Sessions (10% discount)

$1700 - 20 Sessions (15% discount)

All 1:1 training with Atlas EPD includes:

  1. Movement and Performance Assessment
  2. Injury History and Mobility Analysis
  3. Goal Setting Session
  4. Comprehensive Program Design and Implementation


Semi- Private Performance Training (2-6 athletes) Click here to sign up!

$120/hr split evenly amongst each athlete. 

2:1 = $60/per athlete

3:1 = $40/per athlete

4:1 = $30/per athlete

5:1 = $24/per athlete

6:1 = $20/per athlete


Small Group Classes (5-10+ athletes) - Performance Bootcamps, Youth Athlete Development Programs, Functional Movement and Functional Resortation. Click here to sign up!

"Drop In" - $30

2x/week - $175/mth

Unlimited - $199/mth





All training takes place at Oakland Fitness Company in Emeryville, CA.