The time to PERFORM is here

It has finally happened. ATLAS has finally transpired from just a thought, a dream, and a concept. Now it is an actual entity that will push the boundaries of the previously held beliefs about performance. "Synergizing" all aspects of human development into a maximally effective, multi-disciplinary approach to getting every iota of motivation, energy, and (most important) action out of every person that seeks to be the very best version of themselves. 

As is true with anything in life worth pursuing, getting ATLAS out of my brain and into the public eye has been a long, and at times arduous process. The biggest impasse has been finding like minded individuals with the similar appreciation for the process of performance. Athletes, executives, parents, coaches, and administrators of all types desire to achieve. We want to do the work. We want feel in control of our process. There are many skills to develop, experiences to be had and many things to work on as individuals. But with so many people barking orders, shouting dogmas, and frankly championing shortcuts it can often feel like performing at our best is like navigating the high seas in a kiddie pool with duct taped patches.

So what do we do when we want grow to be more than just that kiddie pool being tossed around the ocean and transform into an ocean liner cutting through the chop with steadfast precision and stability? We try to create our own support team. Our tugboats, helping to keep us afloat and harboring us neatly. "I've got to get in to see my the girl that does my bodywork", "my PT keeps me in one piece", "my trainer really gets the most out of me", "my physician know what I need", "my therapist really get me". Suddenly, we have a starting 5 (and maybe a couple of bench stars) of practitioners literally dictating our lives. Especially here in the Bay Area, where there are thousands of high achievers and even more service professionals surviving by being the tugboats for the ambitious.

Why not have all of this in ONE place? One place, many minds but still one singular mission - working together to help your realize your life's biggest goals, dreams, and aspirations. That is the essence of ATLAS. Work hard at your craft, work harder at exploring who you are as person, and engage with the world with an even greater sense of purpose. 

That is what is is all about. Not just what ATLAS is about. That is what living is about. Let's live!!

Not only am I excited about this next phase for myself, but I am overwhelmed with gratitude to those that have really embraced this concept of collaborative support and collective performance. I would be a total ass if I did not shout out a few people that have had my back, challenged me, but largely engaged in the dialogue of performance.

First, the most powerful person I know, my wife Meghan. You've seen the inner-workings of this since day one, and are defintely most responsible for keeping me motivated to do that which I am most passionate. Thanks for never doubting me, my ideas, or my approach.

El Hefe, Ada. Besides my wife, you've not only been able to digest my perspective, but you truly see the world in a similar prism.  Thanks for having faith in my voice.

All the "coaches" I have been privileged to work with, work for, study under or just be in the presence of as either friend and colleague. Coach Tory Humphrey, Trevor Moawad, Angus, Mark Aoyagi, Artur Poczwardowski, Gil Gardner, Damien Thompson, Jack, Jared, Coach Bertero, Coach Filson Jason, Jay, Gabe, Nate, BK, Emily, Elisa, Kelly. You are all my muses, I learn more from each of you in one exchange of dialogue than from any textbook. 

I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but I want to keep things as brief as possible. 

To everybody else, keep your eyes open for more content from myself and others. I promise to not just use this as my outlet to chatter on about Broncos football, why Kobe should've retired 4 years ago, or how to make a killer spicy tamarind glaze.